Goff Swamp History

History of Goff Swamp

1890 - 1957

In the mid to late 1800's the swampland now known as Goff Swamp was used for indigo farming. Indigo was used a type of dye for different purposes. Around 1890 the Goff family began using the swamp to raise and manage beef cattle. During this time there were few deer and wildlife in the swamp consisted mainly of squirrels, ducks, feral hogs, other small game and fish in the 'Oxbo' lakes. Also, during this time there was no yearly lease, just a daily fee to access the swamp and the key to main gate could be picked up at the Goff house. During this era 3 generations of Goffs would be the main trustees to Goff Swamp.


In 1957 the Goff family would lose use of the swamp to another party who began to lease the land. During this time the deer population began to skyrocket in these areas. In the late 1950's early 1960's the Ponderosa Hunting Club was founded and leased much of the land surrounding the swampland.


In 1986 the opportunity came about for a fourth generation of Goffs to regain use of Goff Swamp. At this time the Ponderosa Hunting Club became what is now know as the Goff Swamp Hunting and Fishing Club, and the swamp has been leased by this group since 1986. Also, in 1986 'russian' hogs were introduced into the swamp, and the overall wildlife population continues to develop.